Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Song For Sunday- Alaskans.

My musical best friend Emma has done it again- gifted me with an excellent CD full of an array of incredible new music.

I got it just the other day and have been listening non-stop to the tracks, completely zoning out the world here in my bedroom and enjoying the new sounds grace my ears.

Where to even pick one of my favorites this time? I mean, we have Luke Friend's Take on the World, Hozier's Like Real People Do, and then Tom Odell's Real Love, just to name a few.

The one I chose today is by Volcano Choir, and its called Alaskans. 

Ok, maybe it's a bit ironic considering it's my home state, but I truly do enjoy the song. It has a peacefulness to it that brings back to the rainy mornings and the crashing waves of Alaska. It takes me back to that place, the echoey, quiet, nature filled land that I get to call my home.Even the album cover perfectly symbolizes it!

I guess Volcano Choir was a side project that was started way back in 2005 and the album, Repave, is their second record, with Justin Vernon (singer of Bon Iver) included! It definitely has that zone out sound to it, so very pretty.

"..We climbed up on your carpet
There's a carpet in our minds, wherein
Shameless in humming
Like a violin strumming
We were going to hit every mark in stark
But the sutra didn't suit you that long day in the park
I'm talking about it 
We're talking real love
I want to read up on that love
Damn, can't believe you left me on the land, to be seen, to be scribed
Tell you now that you..."

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