Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year.

It's 2015!

Bring out the bubbly, party late with friends, reminisce about old times and make goals for the new year!

Or, if you're like me, come up with a new year's resolution that consists of a diet strictly of sushi and champagne. See?

Those are just a few of my favourite things.
But in all honesty, I do have a couple of goals that have been resurfacing in my mind this past year. A couple include cutting down on social medias (if you want to know what sparked this, have a listen to Passenger's Scare Away the Dark ), being more communicative and bold in speaking, and trying harder to be kind and more open-minded with my family. What are some of yours?
It's already been a busy first couple of days here in the new year- I've just helped cut down a tree (can you imagine me outside in a vintage pleated skirt and UGG boots helping pull down a tree), I've caught up with some of my closest friends, coped with the lack of snowfall and lawnfull's of visible grass, and I recently applied to America's Next Top Model. That has been quite an exciting project for me that I just sent off today (after some rather heart-stopping shipping problems). So already the new year is looking to be rather fun!
So grab a glass of the bubbly and raise a toast to all of the exciting prospects to come in 2015.

A glassful of bubbles... now that's something to dance about!

On a champagne diet... but sparkling cider works too for all you underagers (including myself).

What I wore: vintage rhinestone necklace (used), light grey ANN TAYLOR cashmere scarf (used), a vintage mink GODCHAUX'S stole (used), a grey COTTON CANDY COUTURE champagne top (sale), a black vintage pleated skirt (used), silver sequined TED BAKER bag (used), and bronze UGG boots (used).

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