Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vacation Spot- Coloma/Auburn, CA (Day 3)

Yesterday, we had the pleasant opportunity to drive over to this quaint little town for breakfast. That's something I absolutely love- being able to drive fifteen minutes away to another little town. And there are so many!

Anyhow, unbeknownst to me, this little town happened to have quite the history.

So you know how California drew its first settlers? Gold, my friend. And do you know where gold was discovered? 

Here, in Coloma, California. 

Quaint little town, it really is. Nestled out in the middle of the beautiful Northern California landscape, we got to enjoy breakfast at this really tasty and organic place called...

Just check out the interior..

Words of wisdom, right there.

We actually enjoyed our breakfast outside on the wraparound porch as the sun came higher and higher. Nothing like a proper cup of joe to awaken those sleepy eyes..

This morning, Mum and I chose a lite breakfast, one vegetarian sandwich that hit the spot just right. 

Mom told me that she absolutely loves the sound of a creaking door. Can't blame her!

We then took a stroll down the street where we stumbled across to a lovely white house..

Farther down the way, through trails and parks, we finally arrived at Sutter Mill. Now as history goes, two gentlemen were up here in Coloma to scope out a place to build a mill, and that's where they mistakenly stumbled across gold. What was to come, boy, they could have never anticipated it!

After finishing up there, we took (another) scenic drive, and fifteen minutes later, we came to the lovely town of Auburn. 

To what to we owe the pleasure of Auburn's company? Tea, but of course! And today, we had it at the darling Power's Mansion Inn. 

Reminds me of a scene out of the Titanic film..

Ah! I'm not the only one who prefers calling the bathroom the "powder room."

Tea of choice for myself today was a lovely pot of creme brulee tea, a most delicious cuppa, if I do say so myself. 

And the verdict was..


Mom enjoyed her traditional Earl Grey tea as well. 

And then the food came out, on its fabulous three tiered stack. Where to begin?

Shall we start with the blueberry scones with lemon curd and clotted cream?

An assortment of finger sandwiches?

Or perhaps one should start with dessert first?

I chose to start with the finger sandwiches.. you know, saving the best for last.

But truly, it wasn't long before the desserts were seated appropriately in front of me.

As we sat there gabbing as our delicacies digested, I took a look around the place, finding hidden treasures in every corner..

And look! I couldn't resist a quick spring outfit photo-op, for I've heard that spring has officially sprung.

What I wore: cream FRENCHI jacket (used), J CREW rhinestone necklace (outlet sale), neon green J CREW shift dress with scalloped hem (outlet sale), and cream FRYE ankle booties (used). 

If only I could live in a place such as this..

We then tootled around Auburn some more, finding treasures such as this vintage Italian riding hat.. and a photo bombing Mother in the background!

And look at this charming house.. to go along with a charming day.

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