Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vacation Spot- Placerville, CA (Day 1)

Whew! Time to catch up and have a chat, yes?

Currently, I am on the break that goes in between quarters here at FIDM, and blessedly, our breaks are a little longer than your normal one. I have three grand weeks off from school and instead of flying back to the frigidity of Alaska (although temps there have been surprisingly toasty), I chose to stay here.

But I'm not alone, see. I had my very special mom come down to visit! And not just any old visit, we're talking about road tripping.

So my mom came round on Monday and after a day spent shopping, coffee drinking, and last minute moving, we took to bed to prepare ourselves for the eight hour drive ahead, which we did yesterday.

Technically then, day one started yesterday for my vacation.

To begin, Mom and I took a long breakfast at one of my favourite spots, Zov's Bistro.

But see, one must first have coffee. 

Two for me, if you please.

Delicious coffee cake to go alongside a proper cup of joe..

As well as a tasty lox breakfast sammy to fill the tummy up for the long drive ahead!

After our leisurely breakfast, we realized the late hour and decided that we better hit the road, Jack. So away we went! 

The drive began fairly well. Naturally, there was some traffic around the LA area (when is there not), but once we got out of it, we zoomed away, full speed ahead!

With the proper music, but of course!

We were prolly not two hours in before we found an outlet mall, Tejon Outlets. Well, we couldn't resist ourselves, and so we made a pit stop. 

What started as a bathroom break and a chance to "stretch our legs" turned into an hour long stop that resulted in a couple of shopping bags, as well as a pick-me-up.


And the proper road snacks..

Somehow managed to stretch my legs in the itty bitty Fiat!

Zoom zoom.

I should also have you know that it was approximately this time that we stopped at an A&W to use the restrooms. And this, let me tell you, was no ordinary stop. So I was walking in, and this gentleman holds open the door for me, yeah? And he's gorgeous as can be, wearing a tee shirt that says something something Medic (SO HE SAVE LIVES), and I thank him for holding open the door, and he goes "You're very welcome" and I was freaking out because what a proper gent!

Anyhow, as it goes with me and my luck, I entered the car when I was finished, and as we pulled away, I naturally looked back behind me at the medic van and he was watching, and as we drove away, I couldn't help the desire to run back into his arms because I SWEAR there was an instant connection. 

Alas, I'm just a traveler, and he's life saver. 

But it gives me hope!

Driving on, we were just pulling into Placerville as the sun was dipping down..

Boy oh boy do our friends live on a gorgeous winding road!

And after many a hug and hello, as well as a proper meal, we settled down into the most darling bed for a good night's rest. 

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