Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vacation Spot- Placerville, CA (Day 2)

Day two began in the best way possible. I woke to the sound of the door creaking open and to a fresh sip of hot coffee that my mom had so kindly brought me.

I swear, there's no better way to start a morning.

Anyhow, after a leisurely change, we hopped into the Fiat and drove down to Downtown Placerville.

Breakfast this morning was at this central spot in Downtown ironically called "Centro Coffee." Mom and I took a seat and had ourselves some caramel lattes and a scone to share. 

Perfect central view, don't you think?

We then popped into the first store we found, the Violets are Blue Consignment Boutique. After the trying ons of St. John dresses, peignoir sets, and Anthro goods, I walked out with a couple of bags. Is that really any surprise?

Downtown is really such a neat place..

Here, my mom poses inside of the old Empire Theatre, currently an antique store. Asides from the purchase of an uber fine vintage coat (fox trim and embroidered interior, absolutely gorgeous!), I enjoyed listening to Mum relive the old days. 

"And this is where the ticket booth was. This is where I came to watch Free Willy seven times!"

My mom makes me smile.

Lunch was at a lovely spot called "Heyday Cafe." I started with an extremely delicious avocado blt.. 

And ended with a divine affogato. Ice cream and espresso, is there truly anything better?

As apparent from the backseat, my mom and I had luck shopping. If there's one person who enjoys spending money as much as I, it's my mom. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Here, Mom and I take the scenic way (although that really is the only way) over to some very fancy places...

Those places happened to be wineries, for the area is abundant with wineries. And we had heard through the grapevine (no pun intended) that there were some wine tasting opportunities and so away we went. 

Wine tasting location #1- Madrona Vineyards.

Naturally, I found myself petting the cat. Only I would take my glass of wine over to the cat station.

And naturally, Mum ended up with six fine bottles to take home!

Little ways down the road we went...

Second wine tasting @ Grace Patriot Wines.

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Just check out this view!

And again, Mum couldn't resist adding two more bottles!

This was the only photo I had of dinner, and of course, it's a picture of a fancy cocktail. Mum thought these colors would make an awesome design on a dress, hence the photo below. 

We then tootled around Downtown Placerville once more and walked into the old Cary House, which is supposedly haunted. Of course I had to take a look inside, and I only fell in love with the old-fashioned and "spirited" vibes. 

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