Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vacation Spot- Placerville, CA (Day 4)

Want to know my plan for today? 

Same as always: drink coffee and be sexy. 

Whether that plan takes place in the bathtub...

...Or the bedroom, as long as I have my Marilyn pink satin robe with fuzzy accents and my coffee, my morning can officially begin!

As much as I would live to walk down Main Street in my sexy robe and camo slippers, I thought it best to put on some real clothes. You know, for the sake of others. 

Anyhow, breakfast this morning was at the delicious Sweetie Pie's. 

I began my morning with a second cup of joe- this time, a foamy vanilla latte. 

It didn't take long for the rest of the goodies to arrive, making our table quite the crowded one!

I sprung for waffles. 

First, there was coffee. Then there was food. And on the third go round- shopping! The first store we popped into, the Empress proved to be a surprising success, for I walked out with this lovely 1960's vintage dress and matching jacket. The vintage here, you would not believe!

Mum and Juline taking a walk down memory lane. They've been friends since the fourth grade!

A couple little tidbits I loved whilst shopping today... 

It was in one of these little shops we were shopping in that we heard about this Born in a Barn yard sale. With enticement too great for my mom ( doesn't take much to get her excited when it comes to antiques and shopping!), we took (another) scenic drive and came across this incredible sale out in the gorgeous sunny foothills. 

They even had goodies waiting for us!

Apparently time flies when you're having fun because only when we were dome shopping did we realize how famished we were! So we went back into town..

...And sprung for some gourmet cheese and crackers out on the sidewalk. 

And the the Aston Martin pulls up.. Casual. 

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