Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Games of Thrones Style.

Ok, so maybe one of the reasons why I have neglected to post any style posts (or any other posts, for that matter) in the last week or two could probably be due to my new obsession. 

Any guesses?

Game of Thrones, ladies and gents, kings and peasants alike. I have been completely consumed by Game of Thrones. Ever since my friend Whitney suggested taking the time to watch an episode, I have been a hermit in my room, eating, drinking, and living by Game of Thrones. 

And I know I'm way behind on that bandwagon! I'm from Alaska, what can I say? 

Anyhow, the show is absolute magic, simply brilliance at its best. I have not been able to stop watching episode after episode, it keeps me coming back for more. It's bloody, mind you, and graphic as graphic can get, but it's proper fantastic watching. I highly recommend it if you don't have a weak stomach and don't mind horse head chopping (at that, I HAD to look away- I told you, it's graphic) and lots and lots of sex. 

That being said, my style has taken a slight turn. Now whilst I don't have any outfits that directly pertain to said queens or Mother of Dragons (don't I wish), I do have a style compass that has been pointing itself towards Winterfell (home of one of my favorite characters, as well as most attractive, Robb Stark). 

What tv shows have you in a turmoil and current obsession?

Jordan here decided to take part as the poor stabbed victim in a fight, although she looks quite grand for someone wounded!

Whitney here has on a cutthroat Game of Thrones esque top.. the new queen perhaps?

Wouldn't want to mess with these ladies on the battlefield now, would we?

I chose to go for the more innocent look...

... Until I turn around and then I become this bad arse warrior with a proper Dothraki braid, very a la Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, one of my favorite female characters (alongside the 6 ft 4'' gal- us tall peeps gotta stick together). 

What I wore: white FRENCHI blazer (used), light blue PURE SUGAR peplum top (used), rhinestone blue necklace (used), high waisted brown vintage skirt (used), and tan t-strap MIZ MOOZ pumps (used). 

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