Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finally Finished Finals.

And through it all, I have successfully managed to complete my second quarter at FIDM.

It seems that it was only yesterday that I was walking into school to my first class, new and ready to be bathed in the knowledge of fashion, and yet here we are, five months later, another quarter done, another fashion book closed.

Time surely does fly when you're having fun, I'm simply convinced! I can honestly say that I as I did with last quarter, I'm going to miss all of these classes. It's like I'm just getting the feel of a class when I have to leave again! But what valuable knowledge and information I have learned because of it.

Finals couldn't have been any more blissful. Minus the exhausting and positively ridiculous housing situation (oh, you'll here ALL about that in due time), they went by like a Southern California breeze. And to make matters even more fabulous, I followed the scent of heaven at lunch today to find myself in the student lounge where they were making grilled cheeses for everyone.

Hold up. Grilled cheese? Provided by the school, for the students, for finals week? Can my university get any more awesome than that?

Just gotta say, it's been real, FIDM. See ya next month for round 3!

This was a heavenly sight indeed.

Got me cheesin' hard.

I was then joined by the lovely Francesca in some outfit pics!

Where we discovered just how gigantic I am next to her..

Eyyy pretty lady.

We were doin' alright until she put on Uptown Funk and then the dance moves came out in full force! It is absolutely impossible not to groove to this song. It is an absolute jam and I get funky whenever this song comes on. Absolutely genius. And the music video is a ball to watch- so old school, upbeat, happy, and positively groovy baby!

"Gotta kiss myself, so pretty!"

It's funny to watch our different styles of dance.. hehe

What a perfect ending to the school quarter.

What I wore: spiky gold earring from N-Rack (sale), vintage gold sheen dress (used), gold sparkly BANANA REPUBLIC belt (sale), and off-white ankle length FRYE boots (used). 

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