Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vacation Spot- Placerville/ Amador City, CA (Day 5)

Mom and I had the incredible opportunity to partake in some pretty fine art classes.

Oh you know, just your casual seating outside a winery overlooking the hills and hills of grapes that you're currently sipping.

Boy was it anything from casual! It was undoubtedly the best scenery and atmosphere I've had thus far to surround me whilst in the creative and artistic mood. Sitting outside on the grass with a glass (or two) of wine by your side, listening to the birds chirping, and feeling the sun climb higher and higher into the sky as you paint away in wine country? Really? Really.

And so we begin.

No drinking and driving, my friends!


Lunch was right afterward too, and at the winery. Merlot and fine cheese, could life get any better?

After wine, Mom and I had to hit the road Jack and so we tootled a little ways until we reached the quaint town of Amador City.

Hotel of choice this evening was the delightful Imperial Hotel, located right at the heart of town.

Mom obviously couldn't wait until tomorrow to shop these antique stores!

I was simply enraptured with all of the flowers all about. 

Back to the Imperial Hotel we went after our brief exploration, and this time, for dinner!

Just check out this old bar!

Mom simply had to stop for a glass of the bubbly.

As Mum sprung for the glass of the bubbly, I was left to be photographer. I had bubbly as well.. minus the bubbles. So basically water. 


Salad for starters..

And spearhead for main dish.

And chocolate for dessert. Duh!

And get this, the Imperial Hotel is apparently haunted, which came to no surprise to me, especially my friend Jillian. Sometimes, you can feel it in your bones, you know? And as much as my morbid curiosity fascinates me, I do get frightened there, in the end. My bedtime took a little getting used to, what, with convincing myself spirits weren't there to hurt me!

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