Tuesday, March 10, 2015

British Invasion 2.0

Today began as any other day would: I got up, curled my hair whilst catching up on Game of Thrones (shocker, but Joffrey died in this morning's episode), put on a British tee and away to school I went with a proper cuppa. 

Generally, that's how most my days go, but today in particular, we had our final presentations on the BRITISH INVASION in our Concepts in Trend Forecasting class. Yes yes, we had one like two weeks ago, but this one was a new and improved version, complete with a saucy street report as well as a shopping report. 

Honestly, it was one of the greatest and funnest projects to do, and I don't see why I'm still here in America when I have such an interest in England. I'm telling you, next year, I'm going! My friend Whitney and I... we're set to go. 

Anyhow, some interesting tidbits I learned was that:

1.) According to THE WEEK, the British accent is the most attractive accent in the world (according to a poll of 11,000 people in 24 cities around the world, with American coming in second- woohoo!).

2.) The British Invasion really properly began in the 1960's, courtesy of The Beatles as well as Twiggy. 

Quotes from LIFE magazine "... In 1776 England lost all her American colonies. Last week The Beatles took them back." 

3.) From all of our findings and research, there's no doubt about it that there is a heavy British influence in America today, and we only touched on the tip of the iceberg. Turn on the radio and I guarantee a Sam Smith song will be playing, head to the theatre and find any American film with some British actor (take David Oyelowo and his portrayal of Martin Luther King), or simply go to the mall and I guarantee you'll find something with a Union Jack pattern.

The British are coming!

To set the mood for ya..


Whitney looking extra fabulous!

Whitney had a very mature appreciation for mirrors..

Jordan looking very fresh as well..

Myself on the other hand, well, I had a childlike fancy with the mirror, but more along the lines of an instant liking with my similar twin..

 I even tried to go dancing with my twin.. who looked an awful lot like me..

When I learnt the real truth about mirrors.. I was not pleased. So you're telling me there's no twin there dancing with me?

Oh well!

I was having too much fun to bother with details such as those!

I even brought Jordan to try it along with me..

Mirrors man.. they're great for delirious selfies!

What I wore: misc. blue England tee (used), high waisted vintage leather ESCADA skirt (used), and cream FRYE ankle booties (used). 

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