Friday, March 13, 2015

Cowboy Coffee and 90 Degree Winter Days.

I woke this morning to the heavenly smell of bacon, as well as some intense sun rays filtering through my blinds. Stepping outside, I was hit with the intense heat of a ninety degree winters day. 

That's Southern California for you! My goodness me. 

So to put it in simple terms, I was woken with a swift kick in the britches! Which reminded me of a proper wall hanging I have here in my kitchen, conveniently placed in my coffee corner. "Cowboy Coffee- It will get you going with a swift kick in the brtiches." 

Naturally, I was inspired to dress on the Southern side, bare skin and everything, for the sun showed no signs of abating!

What I wore:  collection of various personal necklaces, black and white EXPRESS crop top (used), high waisted grey LEE shorts (used), and two tone gray men's vintage cowboy boots (used). 

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