Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).

It wasn't once, but twice that I saw this group open for Imagine Dragons. Nico Vega, a fantastic group with head banging, body swaying, alternative rock sounds just stayed with me after the concert.

It's pure indie rock and I'm not usually an intense heavy booted scream type, but this stuff is pure genius.

The particular song that I chose today really reminds me of the film "Django." I feel that it should of been in there, with its unique content and kind of individuality that Tarantino uses in a lot of his films.

It starts really subtle and a bit old-timey and I love the western feel to it. And then when it gets all intense.. ah that's class right there.

"Bang bang he shot me down
Bang bang I hit the ground
Bang bang that awful sound
Bang bang my baby shot me down."

And apparently it was on the TV show "Bonnie and Clyde." Even cooler!

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