Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rise Above the Storm&You Will Find the Sunshine.

What a stunner today. I thought that with the temperatures in the under ten range this morning, that it would be another chilly one here in Alaska, but I was more than giddy when the sun came out and heated things up a bit. 

That funk that I was in has slowly been ebbing away, and I give cred to the sunshine. It truly does have power over how I feel and this week has been quite easily a fantastic one thus far. Sunshine is fantastic medicine for those in the dumps, such as myself. 

I thought that I would celebrate in this glourious weather with donning my favorite color- mint! It also appears to be a trending color for this spring and I am most excited. Paired with this light khaki- bam, it's magic waiting to happen. 

What i wore: John Lennon inspired mint NORDSTROM sunnies, striped REHAB mint and khaki chunky sweater (used), pointy dagger necklace (sale), high waisted LTS boyfriend jeans (sale), khaki WET SEAL ankle booties, and cross body D&B handbag (used).

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is going into those humongous hardware stores and take paint samples. I was there anyway for a project I'm working on and so I thought I'd snatch a few and just show you what color palette I'm in love with currently. 

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