Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrating Dad's Day.

Yesterday was my day's special day..the day of his birth.

Truly, that's one occasion to get excited about! We had a special meal planned for him down in Homer and after a long afternoon of hair curling and makeup application (for myself of course, not Dad!), we headed on out. Unfortunately, we do not have the type of restaurant here that offers fancy food, or at least a place to dress up in. That being said, we take these little jaunts down to Homer with open and excited arms. 

This place did not disappoint. We dined tonight at the scrumptious Two Sisters Bakery down by the water, and had the loveliest evening together, celebrating Dad's birthday. My brother even joined in on FaceTime! It turned out to be a fantastic evening, one much celebrated. Hey, a special guy deserves a special day!

What I wore: vintage pale pink sparkly flapper style dress (used), gold sequined vintage clutch (Mum's), and sparkly gold six inch GUESS pumps (on sale). 

There is never a dull moment with my family especially when it comes to picture taking!

The drive up was full of laughter, chatting, and some puzzled looks from my parents whenever a One Direction song came on, which resulted in belting from the backseat. 

We were the first to arrive in Two Sisters Bakery and so we had the whole place to ourselves for a spell. 

This iced tea was no ordinary iced tea- it had sugared lemon slices placed lightly on top. Holy.

Appetizer number one was fresh oysters, petite size. 

Appetizer number two was fresh ricotta bruschetta with classic prosciutto thinly sliced with basil perched on the top. 

Appetizer number three was ginger pickled salmon on cucumber and wasabi. What a kick!

My meal this evening was a roasted tomato tart- grated potato crust layered with tomatoes, kalamata capers and mild goats milk chèvre, topped with warm spinach tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. 

Don't even get me started on the array of desserts. How is anyone supposed to chose just one?

My mum and dad settled on a red wine chocolate brownie, per my suggestion. 

My sister and I proceeded to split a caramel chocolate cupcake. I heard caramel in the description and was sold on the spot!

Let us not forget coffee!

My birthday guy.. thinks he's got some major swag, and in this case, he sure does. 

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