Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moves@The Movies.

At last, my sister's dance show has arrived. It feels like yesterday that we were dancing in company together, complaining backstage about the hassle of nudies and leotards, and flutters of nervousness in the sides of the wings; and yet, it's two years past.

Dance has always been a part of me, and will continue to be so. Although I was most nervous for taking place as an audience member, and not backstage joining in the festivities of rushed changes and chugged water, I was here for my sister today. 

She did wonderfully, let me tell you that. I may have even cried during the first performance because, hey, I'm proud of her. It's such a blessing to see her dancing up there and getting to go that's my sister, ladies and gents because she is so talented and so beautiful. I felt her pain when up on pointe she went and laughed at her expressive faces. I was so so proud.

So yes, I may be a bit disheartened that I am no longer a company member, but to watch my sister dance onstage is worth it. 

What I wore: NORDSTROM RACK gold spiky earrings (quite literally spiky), baby blue CHLOE coat, floral ZAC POSEN dress (used), vintage Paris clutch (used), and plum LTS pumps. 

So proud to call her my sister!

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