Monday, March 17, 2014

Patty's Day Blizzard.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Truly, how do you even celebrate a holiday such as this one? Here, we wear green.. I suppose in other countries there's drinking involved, but when it comes to me and my preferred drink of choice, I simply have a Nutty Irishmen latte!

Anyhow, while I'd like to think that this holiday signifies the start of spring, I was sorely disappointed in those regards when it began to snow.. and blow. Hello winter!

For these photos, I went down to our stairway of doom and almost ate it. On the grass. Ice, on the grass, and I almost took myself out. Oh the treacheries of Alaskan weather!


 What I wore: shell earrings (from Mexico, a location I'd much prefer on a day like today), striped green MOTH sweater (used), black FABRIZIO GIANNI cigarette jeans (used), and white FRYE booties (used). 

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