Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Budapest.

Once more, Emma has once more impressed me with her musical talents and the discovery of new fantastic artists. It gets even better and better.

I find this particular tune to be stuck in my head in the midst of my day. It's pure joy, I tell you truly. It's one of those songs you can nod your head to and it brightens my day with its positive energy. It's amiable and cheery! I just want to dance around in glee.

Plus, George Erza is adorable. Besides his voice, that is, which is incredible in itself. It has this resonating and wholesome sound to it. It's really deep and it hits all the corners and I just love it. The sound doesn't look like it belongs to him, but once you see him sing, it all fits.

And he's a singer/songwriter which just makes everything better in the music business. Cheers to that.

"My friends and family
They, don't understand
They fear they'd lose so much
If, you took my hand

But, for you
I'd lose it all.."

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