Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bouncin' Back.

I was looking through some of my favorite YouTuber's just the other day, when I came across an inspiring video from Jacksgap called "A Fresh Start."

I can say that it honestly pulled me out of the rut I have so currently been burrowing in and into the light of day. And night, because it's constantly light here in the summer.

Anyhoo, what I learned from this video was that in the world of creativity, over thinking and self-doubt is quite common because its your stuff that's going out there. Like Jack said, what will people think? But you know, it doesn't matter what other people think. One of my favorite quotes I heard in a movie sums it up quite well- If we are so consumed with other people's thoughts, then whats the point in having our own?

While one can over think every video (or post, in my case), the best way to get back in the swing of things is simply do what one started doing. For Jack, that was talking to a camera. For me, it was tapping into my inner confidence and setting aside all those thoughts of self-doubt.


 Also, I found thoughts of comparison happening towards other creative artists. Instead of inspiring me, I ended up feeling down because of thoughts that my content wasn't good enough. But..

"don't do it! just don't! it doesn't matter which chapter you or someone else are on. what matters is that you're living with quality, humility and grace. just because someone is nineteen chapters ahead doesn't mean they are doing better than you. live your own life. dance to your own beat, darling!"

so very very true.

When in Doubt. - Beauty Bets

With these simple thoughts in mind, and from the most helpful advice from my favorite YouTuber, I can now look towards the future with optimism and courage. I can cast aside those thoughts of negativity that serve me no good and focus on the good stuff past and present, and the good stuff to come. So I'll close today with this exciting thought.

Our best days are yet to come <3

Feels good to be back on the bandwagon again!

What I wore: vintage grape earrings (used), black CAbi ballet arms, black faux leather vest (used), blush ASOS maxi skirt (used), and black HUNTER rain boots (used). 

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