Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Secondhand Rose.

Ever heard of the old ditty Secondhand Rose sung by the very best, Barbara Streisand? Way back when I took singing lessons, I had to sing this particular song and looking back, it's the absolute perfect song for what I like to do best- shop used.

Next to Macklemore's Thrift Shop, of course.

But seriously! Whether it's antiques, consignment, thrift shopping, or plain closet shopping from a sister, used clothing is where it's at. And not just clothing either, but everything. There is something just so fun about going through unique and recycled items because one truly never knows what could turn up. It's a mystery! Some days you score, others you don't. It's all part of the hunt.

My closet is probably made up of 90% used clothing and I have absolutely no shame about it. There is nothing more satisfying to me than coming across, say, a vintage cocktail dress. Besides the fact that it's old and one of a kind, I like to think of its history. Who wore it? Where did they wear it? What occasion was it worn for? Oh the stories behind each treasure!

Story of my life right here.

What I wore: vintage hat (used), vintage black ST. JOHN jacket with rhinestone buttons (borrowed from Mum and used), oatmeal FREE PEOPLE tank (used), high waisted EDDIE BAUER plaid skirt (used), and brown MIZ MOOZ ankle boots (major sale).

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