Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leading Ladies.

It seems strange that just a week ago, we were in the finale of our three weekend performances of "Leading Ladies." Rehearsals began way back in April, and here we are, already at the final curtain call of a successful production.

What to do with my time? It feels strange to be free from all the late night rehearsals.

Let me tell you about "Leading Ladies." Basically, it's similar to the story line of one of one of my favorite movies of all time Some Like it Hot. It's about two has been Shakespearean actors who dress up as two women to inherit an inheritance by THE Florence Snyder of York, P.A. Well of course they fall in love with two other young women, dressed as women themselves and so there's a lot of goofs in that department. 

We had an absolutely fantastic cast and it was a joy to be a part of the show. And what part did I play, you may be curious about? Well none other than cranky old woman Florence Snyder. I don't always act, but when I do, I play a crabby old woman who dies, and then lingers, out of spite. 

Here is a progression of my time spent at rehearsals, and the evolution of my costumes..

From young to old.. quite a transformation, yes?

"And the play begins!"

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