Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Romeo&Juliet.

It's been kind of an emotional day for some reason.

I was just sitting there during a lull in the cafe as the rain drizzled down outside, writing dear diary, when I all of a sudden went on a tangent of emotional feels.

I get like that sometimes. Don't we all?

So today's post is on the romantic side of things, since that's how I was feeling. Of course, there's no special someone yet in my life so these romantic feelings are one of longing and yearning, but they are nonetheless romantic thoughts!

What better song than the one depicting the classical story of Romeo and Juliet? It's the tragic story of two young star-crossed lovers and their fight to be together against all odds.

My favorite version of this story is done by the one and only The Killers. The story is told in this heartwarming sort of way, done in layman's terms because Shakespeare can sometimes be a bit tough to understand. It's a bit modern, and told casually, quite clever. It's originally done by Dire Straits, but I like The Killers cover better.

Juliet says, hey its Romeo
You nearly gave me a heart attack
He's underneath the window
She's singing, hey la my boyfriends back..

(my favorite line below)

Juliet, when we made love
You used to cry
I said I love you like the stars above
I'll love you till I die
And there's a place for us,
You know the movie song
When you gonna realize
It was just that the time was wrong?

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