Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blew My Mind.

It was the strangest morning.

The wind woke me, as it often does when it blows one zillion miles an hour.

What was different about this particular windy morning, however, was the rain that came with it. And not just some sprinklies, I'm talking about torrential downpours. That, plus wind, and you have hurricane weather, my friend.

So incredibly strange! But helpful to putting Funny River Fire out, yes?

Anyhow, it cleared up by this afternoon and in its wake left multiple fallen trees and one struggled nap. It can just be so noisy sometimes! And of course I like to yell at the wind but that ends up making me even more mad because obviously the wind doesn't listen to me. It's a one-sided fight that I always lose.

And speaking of mind blown, Blew My Mind is a fantastic song by Dresses. 

What I wore: gold and pink beaded necklace (used), black CAbi wrap top, my sister's black bandeau, high wasited pink pleated FOREVER 21 skirt (used), and bronze sparkly J CREW loafers (sale). 

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