Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Song for Sunday- Flaws.

It was my ingeniously wise friend who once again introduced me to the beautiful new group "Bastille." I swear, this girl should have her own blog or something because she just has that magic touch for discovering new music.

Once again, these guys are British. Must be a British invasion here.

The first song I heard of theirs was "Pompeii", which is now one of my favorite songs, and just recently, they released their new album "Bad Blood." Check it out, it's class.

I decided to share "Flaws" here with you today because personally, it's one of those self-confidence boosters. I think we as people often forget that the "flaws" we see in ourselves are the little things that other people love about us. I know I'm going to go all "Little Things" on here with you, but I speak the truth! What I see as a flaw in myself is what another person could fall in love with. Flaws are merely our perception of our insecurities, but truly, they are what make us unique from one person to the next.Instead of seeing that mole as a fault in oneself, see it as an unequaled and distinctive flair that makes one stand out.

Besides their singularly uplifting and round sound, Bastille has lyrics that truly speak the truth. Flaws, whether inherited or learned by experience are all part of making the imperfect being of oneself. There is no such thing as being perfect, but that's what makes us these beautiful and complex creatures that we are!

"All of your flaws and all of my flaws
They lie there hand in hand
Ones we've inherited, ones that we
They pass from man to man."

I just love Bastille's music so much. And their music is truly quite unique. So whether one hides the flaws deep beneath the ground, or wears them upon the sleeve, own up and appreciate these little blemishes and know that they are what make you.. YOU.

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