Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being a Bookworm.

I simply adore reading.

It's one of my favorite things to do, actually.

 I look forward to those trips to the library and then coming out with a stack of new books.

I also love bookstores and shelves full of these written works of art full of words just waiting to be read.

I believe that reading strengthens the mind, builds intelligence, makes me an overall smarter person. Plus, I enjoy a good book as it calms my eyes instead of an animated screen. It's that old-fashioned stuff that I still appreciate.

Anyhow, my friend introduced me to a lovely new series called "Divergent" and I hear that they're actually making a movie. We'll see how that one goes! But I'm excited, nonetheless.

So today was all about the celebration and creation of books. Love them. Read them. Enjoy them. Learn from them.

Oh, and I love to read out loud. Ask anyone from my childhood. And it still continues to be an enjoyment of mine to this day!

What I wore: black bowtie (Value Village), VERSACE glasses (my mom's and used), striped grey and white J CREW top (used), gray ICEBERG made in Italy wool skirt (used), and orange MARCO SANTI pumps (sale at Nordstrom Rack)

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