Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nippy Sunday.

It is seriously chilly here.

And I don't want to leave the confines of my warm house.

I would much prefer to stay cooped up in my blankie and hold my coffee close to my heart.

But I live in Alaska, I am an Alaskan girl, and therefore must make an appearance OUTSIDE IN THE COLD.

I woke to twelve degrees this morning and clear blue skies, which is the worst. When the skies are clear, there is no cloud cover for warmth and so temperatures drop and the air turns frosty and bitter. They are my least favorite winter days! I long for snowfall and temperatures not in the teens, or worse, not in the positive numbers. But that's what cashmere coats and heated gloves are for, yes?

So I went out and had some coffee at my favorite coffee dig, Coffee Roasters, which was altogether pleasant. I could feel the sun on my skin through the windows and wondered why that same sunlight couldn't make the temperatures outside a little bit more bearable. Oh well.

For the rest of my day, I will be working on some applications. Inside, of course. But I did bare skin and brave the cold for some photos outside. Oooo, and I have crispy cheesy grilled cheese just delivered by my side. It's gonna be a good day.

What I wore: beaded rhinestone collar (used), red SURVIVAL dress (from the lovely town of Homer), black LONG TALL SALLY leggings, and red houndstooth TOMS. 

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