Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Au Natural.

It was the first time that I had to scrape my car this morning. Well besides the few exceptions in Arizona where I had to use my credit car as a scraper, I was prepared with a heavy duty scraper today. Oh how I anticipate these long months ahead *said me never.

A good thing about today was the beauty. I was on my way to yet another showing of "Thor" (I can't get enough of Loki's humor and Thor's bulging muscles!) and was a captivated by how naturally stunning it is here in Alaska. I often forget the beauty here. 

Today's outfit inspiration actually came to me from a photo I took because I was so in love with the color and lighting. And then that whole "natural" mood got me into putting on zero makeup. Now I love myself some old fashioned 50's styled eyeliner and the all powerful tool of red lips, but sometimes I forget that ones beauty comes without all the product and that sometimes, we need to go all commando style. On the face. Haha. And I'm gonna go all Macklemore on you and quote his song Thin Line: The greatest trick that the Devil ever pulled was convincing women that they looked better in their makeup." Love that. 

So thank you Alaskan beauty for fixing me such a stunning backyard view and for inspiring me and reminding me that natural beauty is the prettiest beauty. 

What I wore: vintage beaded pale blue sweater (used), brown BANANA REPUBLIC tank, green MAUVE skirt (used), white HUE tights, and brown MIA ankle booties (used).

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