Friday, November 15, 2013

Fog and the Forties.

I decided to go all back in time to the beautiful and classy 1940's. Think WWII, Christian Dior suits, and foggy train stations. I donned my red lipstick, went all cat-eye on my makeup (completely opposite from yesterday!), and wore this shirt with one of my all time favorite photos on it.

It's the famous kiss taken after the end of WWII that just makes my heart melt. And the thing about the shirt is, I was in the airport probably back in December and an older lady came up to me and told me how she remembered that day and went on to tell her story of WWII. It's instances like those that make me smile. To know that an article of clothing had such impact on an older woman and the fact that it brought up fond memories, that's a priceless encounter right there.And I love the forties anyway, and so to hear her reach back in time just made me smile, as well as her.

So I wore this favorite top of mine and when it came time to take photos this afternoon, I was quite surprised to see a heavy blanket of fog creeping its way through the trees and above the ground. It reminded me of those foggy train stations I mentioned earlier! And I love the fog for its creepy and misty ways.

Clothes have a way of telling stories, bringing back memories, making people smile. That's the power of style. 

What I wore: FOREVER 21 grey long-sleeved top (super sale), locomotive style AMERICAN APPAREL skinnies (from Paris!), and red houndstooth TOMS.

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