Saturday, November 9, 2013

Curtain Call Consignment Boutique- A Survivor!

It's funny how when bad or unfortunate things happen, another door of opportunity is opened for a second chance. Curtain Call Consignment Boutique  (CCCB) is the perfect example of that story.

It was a couple of weeks ago that an unfortunate accident occurred at the location of CCCB. An SUV traveling at 60 miles per hour smashed into the building, creating serious damage to the non-profit store. Seeing this as a window of opportunity, CCCB found a new location and thankfully continued to do business. 

I myself was there when CCCB opened four years ago and am still an active volunteer at the ever growing and successful store. 

So today was the grand reopening in our new location and all of our special volunteers were there to celebrate the new window of opportunity that the accident caused. We had a record sales day and the public seems quite impressed at the new setup and location. See? After a thunderstorm, there always comes a rainbow. 

What I wore: lime green floral TASHA collar necklace (buckoo sale at Nordstrom Rack), brown BANANA REPUBLIC top (used), high waisted pink HALOGEN skirt (used), and lime green pointy-toed pumps (used).

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