Friday, November 29, 2013

Awesome Afternoons in Austin.

"It's not just a state, it's a whole lotta country." Second biggest state next to Alaska, Texas was our destination for this holiday season. With my dad out hunting the wild game of Alaska and fighting off some gnarly grizzly bears, we joined family down in this southern state for a holiday weekend.

I have never been to Texas myself and I'm always game for traveling to a new place and was met with kind and gracious southern hospitality, familiar family fun, and a new Thanksgiving experience. 

We had like four different types of meat all freshly smoked, LOTS of sides, and multiple pies to last a lifetime. All of this frenzied eating was next to equally exciting time with my family. 

Now while I am all for shopping, I just find something utterly ridiculous about the whole "Black Friday" shopping madness. Did you know that the term of "black Friday" comes from the first time of the year that businesses actually start making pure positive profit? Crazy. I personally do not see the appeal of lining up at crazy early hours for a sale and fighting for merchandise. It scares me and honestly, I think it takes away from the fun of browsing and shopping calmly. 

So instead of braving the crazy hoards of people at Walmart and Target, my mom, sister, and I decided to check out the whole consignment and vintage scene of Austin. 

MY. GOSH. I cannot believe how amazing the shopping is down here. We were in such an eclectic, funky, unique part of town with this lovely little cafes and antique stores. We could've spent days there! 

Back to the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just want to say that I am grateful for the life I have been given. My family's love and generosity, the blessed lifestyle in which I live, my truly honest to goodness best friends, and God. Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll! 

Our Thanksgiving activities...

Coffee at this lovely organic coffee house, Pachas. 



Coffee to start the day, and coffee to end it!

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