Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cheers, Mate.

There is quite some excitement happening in my life as of now. I cannot wait to share some news with you!

First of all, in my fabulous creative writing and performance class today, we had to present our memorized monologues. I chose to do something a little more serious from my previous monologue and that choice was a scene in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I'm talking Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman here. Fantastic film, really lovely and emotional. So I put on my siren black dress and pulled out my Baileys glass and away I went. 

The reason for this whole "cheers" theme, besides the usage of my actual prop in my scene, would be my acceptance to FIDM.  

Yep! It happened. I am completely.. Without words. I am seriously so incredibly excited for this new step in my life and the possibilities are endless. I was just in this joyful stupor all afternoon yesterday and my mom made me this extra thoughtful dinner and everything felt so right. I am incredibly blessed to have such supporting family and friends and cannot wait for the next step! 

"Oh Brick, I get so lonely sometimes.."

What I wore: vintage black beaded shoulder dress (used), red skinny belt (used), and red vintage SALVATORE FERRAGAMO shoes (used). 

Aw.. My mom is so incredibly kind to me.  Chicken piccata, my absolute favorite!

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