Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love and First Snow.

So our first snowfall has arrived! In case Facebook notifications didn't already let me know of this towns first winter powder, looking outside at the whiteness sure let me know. It actually happened the other day as my sister and I came out of the theatre from seeing the epic "Thor." Of course we were in her mini car not equipped for snowfall and so the drive home was full of below speed limit grandma driving. It was great.

Now commences the harsh realities of Alaskan winters: bundling up every layer of exposed skin, careful driving on slick roads, crispy ice cold air freezing the inside of the nose, starting cars twenty minutes early in the morning, and the list continues on. 

But you know what I've learned? I found that its much more satisfying to find little things about these seemingly terrible times and learn to live something out of them. So whilst I loathe -30 degree mornings, I love it when the snow falls lightly upon the ground and the feeling of giving and sharing is in the air. I love hot cups of coffee and tea, cuddling in my cashmere sweaters with a good read, and cozying up by our fireplace ( by wood which my sister and I have gathered). 

And speaking of love, it thrills me beyond compare that someday someone will love me as much as I love them. Thanks to Ed Sheeran, 1D, and other British singers that I admire, I now know that there are special people out there. There is such thing as old fashioned and romantic love. 

I feel it is the season of love. I feel that love should be all day, every day. Love and be loved. Find love in all the little things, for some day, those little things will matter and be the biggest things. 

What I wore: IDAISY red faux leather jacket (given to me by my kind sister), cashmere BURBERRY scarf (used), oatmeal THE CLAS-SIC tank (used), black CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans (used), and off-white WET SEAL booties.  

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