Monday, September 15, 2014

Bit By Bit, She Goes.

The last week has been a bit busy for me. Mainly speaking, I had to pack my vehicle for its shipment down to WA and then the drive on to California. After a lot of space bags, multiple rearranging sessions and stuffed nooks and crannies, I finally managed to get TALL 1 packed.

This morning, I had my last drive with her until we meet up again down south. Te thought that struck me as most peculiar, however, was that I might never drive her in Alaska again. Who knows? Next summer, I could be interning for Vogue, or working at a clothing store, or I could very well be back here working at the coffee shop (which would be just fine, I absolutely love it there). The possibilities are endless and the future has this exciting question mark to it as to what I could do with my life. It's more like .... Yeah, I like the multiple dots that leave you anxiously wondering. 

But seriously, it's a crazy bittersweet thought and leaves me with the same confusing feeling. 

I have a feeling that I'll be experiencing these feels and thoughts quite a bit in the next few weeks..

Fudge also senses my departure. She's been spending quite a lot of time with her plastic in my room and licking my hands whenever a cry comes on. 

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