Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mini Me.

I was picking out my outfit today, and as I came across this adorable mini car blouse, I had suddenly come to the realization that I never shared my car news with you! 

Whaaaaat how did I ever neglect that?

So, I am currently the proud new owner of my very first vehicle, purchased and paid for by myself. What a feeling that is! This special vehicle of mine, joining the family of my sister's car, is a Fiat! 

She's a beaut. She's baby blue, has TALL 1 plates (convenient considering my six foot two stature), is of the smaller style, has wicked gas mileage, and she's all my own. 

I guess it comes with the countdown of my college days, for my Fiat will be taking a trip with me down to school. And the stumbling across this car blouse happened with the process of going through my closet. It was meant to be! 

So here's to my very dear first car, my mini me. 

What I wore: vintage baby blue earrings (used), J CREW mini car blouse (used), blue wool BURBERRY poncho (gift), yellow CAbi pencil skirt (used), and off white WET SEAL ankle booties. 

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