Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Pool Time on my Nineteenth.

I love the sun. 

Who doesn't, really? 

Now whilst Alaska had a banner summer with an unexpected abundance of sunshine, it left. As quickly as it came. On comes the rain and the crisp chill of autumn is in the air. 

So Arizona.. They had some sunshine to spare! 

Also while I was there, I had my birthday. Nineteen years. So old, yet still so young. Crazy to think about all the possibilities of the future ahead of me and the opportunities to come. 

And what better way to spend a birthday than an afternoon dip in the pool? Yes, temperature swore still toasty, in the upper nineties at this time of day, but nonetheless perfection for me. 

And I spent it with my dearest friend Emma, which was just right. We frolicked around, reminiscing of days past and talking about our crushes, of which there are many. You know, just your average teenage girl talk. But it was perfect. I didn't need a huge party, or a super fancy dinner. Time spent with good company is something one can't beat. 

So here's to magical birthdays, best friends, and endless days of sun. 

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