Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome to Our Garden.

There is something magical about stepping into a garden. About the growing treats surrounding you and the relationship between man and plant. 

It's captivating. It's like a secret garden full of life and greenery. 

I must say, I cannot take the credit for the epic-ness that is our garden. I have my dad to thank, who has been out there day after day cultivating these treats for us. Thanks Pops. 

Anyway, I'd like to take you on this journey with me as we step onto the path that leads us through the magic garden. 

Here, I kneel down and pry for carrots. Not a difficult task at all, I soon found out. All I had to do was give a little pull and out came a collection of gigantic carrots, fresher and tastier than store bought any day. 

We then take a quick hop over to the bushy raspberry patches. Now I have come to the conclusion, based on my multitude of trips out here this past month that raspberries grow even larger and more plump after a dousing of rain. I went through the garden today just after the rain had fallen and it was extra purty. You had the droplets lingering on all available surfaces and it just made for a magical place. 

Within seconds I had picked these prize winning plump raspberries! Man am I spoiled. 

My look today made for a nice plant match, minus the white pants. Who wears white pants in a wet garden? Me. 

Can anyone say kale?


Brussel sprouts.. Mon favorite. 

What I wore: vintage green rhinestone earrings (used), blue polka dotted FOREVER 21 men's top (used), green beaded FREE PEOPLE cardigan (used), white EDDIE BAUER pants (used), and gold J CREW flats (used). 

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