Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday- We'll Keep This Love in a Photograph.

Where have I been this past week? 

Being a recluse in my room watching episode after episode of Sherlock? Crying over unrequited love? Partying it up with my vast array of friends? Nope. None of the above. I was far far away in the deserts of the land of Arizona. 

It was that time of year, before school begins, and just at the point where an Emma visit was in order. It was back in June that I got this idea to come down and the thing that sold me into coming was a certain concert. 

And there are few that I would see in concert, so this had to have been someone special. It's not that I don't like concerts. Well, sorta. I'm just not used to the intensity and amount of people all sharing the same love for a musician. I'm an Alaskan girl, what can I say? 

So who was this special musician? The one and only, Ed Sheeran. 

Yes, I have seen him in concert once before on his + tour, in which he was most excellent, but new album, new music, new concert one must attend! 

So there Emma and I were, right up at the barrier jamming along to the best of Ed. The concert was phenomenal. I seriously had the most splendid time. Rudimental opened up and they were great. I have a new favorite band! 

I just had a blast. We sang along at the top of our lungs, watched in awe as Ed rocked his guitar and played that loop pedal, and then respectfully got quiet when he sang Afire Love. That one was especially special, for apparently he doesn't sing it that often at concerts because its so personal. It was beautiful. 

I gotta say, everything went as smooth as could be. We had wicked seats (being general admission), we got merch quickly, and it was just an excellently well done concert full of fabulous performances. 

And as we left, as suggestion from Ed himself, we continued to sing through the night...

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