Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Faires Always Have Dessert First.

Why are you so dressed up today, Elan?

I simply replied with why not?

It was my day off today. No work, no agenda, and the perfect occasion to don my ballerina skirt and see the town. 

It began surprisingly well for me when I got stopped in Kaladis. The gal asked to take my picture, and along with that, she went I'm gonna text my fiends back home that I saw a real fairy in Soldotna, Alaska! Proof that they do exist. 

I was touched. It simply warmed my heart that someone would think of me like that. But the thing I want to express with you is that it doesn't take a special occasion to wear a tulle skirt and high heels. Everyone appreciates it when someone takes the time to care about their appearance, especially the wearer! And if people do give the wearer a hard time? Well it doesn't matter what they think, does it?

Anyhow, Mom and I had a lovely lunch at Veronica's Cafe in Kenai, where I began the meal with a fine espresso brownie and butterscotch latte. I guess fairies have an appetite for dessert first!

I hope I spread my fairy dust wisely today. The dust of encouragement and belief that life truly is too short to wear boring clothes.

What I wore: vintage rhinestone necklace (used), black CAbi wrap top, ballet pink FREE PEOPLE tulle skirt (used), and brown AE ankle booties (sale). 

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