Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Jess and Me. And Mum.

Today was a great today. Splendid, really.

It was my last full day in the Last Frontier and I thought what better way to spend it than with my dearest daughter and mildly manic mother? (It was my mother's suggestion that I describe her as "mildly manic", just saying).

It was Mum's suggestion that we take a little trip down to Homer, and I thought that it was a most lovely idea. The trees were in full swing of the autumn season, the sun shone down, and I was with the best company- my mother and my American Girl Doll, Jess.

I had no qualms about bringing her out and about the town. I'm leaving, who cares what people think, and she makes me happy! So I brought her along. 

Tomorrow is the big day and with it come bittersweet feelings, but of course. I honestly cannot tell you how special this day was for me and I couldn't have asked for a better goodbye.

Here, Jess gets front row view of our drive.

But first: coffee.

Jess found the most comfortable spot in my purse- full view!

Lunch at the Mermaid Cafe.. most delicious.

We then went down to the Homer Spit, which is this natural spit jutting out into the bay with lovely little shops lining it's path; however, because of the late season, everything was closed. Personally, I found it to be fascinating! All the boarded up shops, empty walkways, gorgeous views, and the sounds of the ocean pounding against the shore just feet from where we stood.

I had to check on Jess constantly, for her glasses found ways to fall off quite a bit.

Mom, who is an avid shopper, found store windows to peek through, even when they were all closed!

Last one left! I snagged her. ;)

Coffee and brownies on the way home, although it looks as if Jess kept some for later...

What I wore: SD sunnies, SD green bobble necklace, vintage cheetah print coat (my mom's), black LAmade top (used), black CAbi leggings, cashmere lined green leather gloves (used), brown LV bucket bag (used), and lime green pumps (used).

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