Monday, May 26, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Air Balloon.

Picture this: a sunny morning full of the promise of laughter and happiness. Looking into your closet, you contemplate what to wear.

Now for me, I always prefer a little music to help make the decision process go much quicker because ladies, let's face it, sometimes getting dressed can be quite an ordeal. And what perfect new song can I play? Why Lily Allen's Air Balloon. 

It's the perfect quirky, girly, colorful kind of song that's perfect for waking me up and getting me ready for the day. I love Lily Allen's eccentric voice and her cheeky attitude.

It hooks me right away and I can't help but nod along. And I sort of love the randomness at the beginning, but particularly the chorus where it talks about this kind of escape in an air balloon. Wouldn't it be nice to just dissapear for awhile up there? I'd like it. 

Come meet me in the sky I'll be waiting for you
And we can't hear what they say
Up in my air balloon, air balloon, air balloon, ha
Sing, sing along, along any song you want to
Now we're so high, it can't rain
Up in my air balloon, air balloon, air balloon, ha ha

Oh my goodness and can we not forget about the unexpected and totally fun "Na na n-n-na na na, na na n-n-na...mmm" ditty? It's fantastic.

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