Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wildfires Be Ragin.'

It began on the quiet afternoon of a typical Monday. 

Huge plumes of smoke could be seen on the particularly sunny day and questions were raised about its origin.

Come Tuesday and there was no let up on the ominous clouds. With temperatures in the near seventy range and the wind picking up drastically, concerns were soon raised as to the possibilities of this wildfire..

Come Wednesday morning, and I could smell wood smoke from inside my room. Walking outside, the area was shrouded in this thick ashy smoke that stretched for miles with peeks of a burning sun in the distance. It didn't let up.

Turns out that we had two wildfires burning, but the one most affecting the residents of the Kenai Peninsula area was the Funny River Fire. Counting at a spread of 20,000 acres of burnt land, this fire has most of the small town quite spooked, including myself! Since when do wildfires rage?

It's one thing to read about these occurrences in books and to see them in movies, but when stepping out of my coffee shop and seeing this massive cloud of dark smoke blanketing our small town, it's quite a difference altogether! 

And still now at 8:30, darkness has fallen and there's just ashy denseness all about. Quite eerie if I do say so myself. 

So I thought, mermaids! Why not? They represent water and water puts out fire, so surely it will bring good luck?

What I wore: gold and blue rusted earrings (used), purple mermaid BLUE PLATYPUS top, high waisted locomotive AMERICAN APPAREL skinny jeans (Paris!), and my old CONVERSE teal hip hop tennis. 

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