Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tweet Tweet a Lil Bird Told Me.

I believe the correct term for this time of year is spring! And it has sprung.

The past couple of days have been beauteous. Warm weather in the upper sixties and sunshine lasting into the lateness of the evening makes for the perfect start to this season.

I also went through my closet, as is done every spring and fall, and am proud to announce that I got rid of one hundred and fifty-one articles of clothing! Now, I don't know if I should feel good about this cleanse of clothing, especially that amount, or if I should be horrified at the thought that I had that many items to get rid of with my closet looking only slightly lighter! Oh the downfalls of shopping used clothes- it sure is easier to pile up!

Anyhow, graduation is coming up in a couple of weeks and so any last minute homework is being done, but I definitely have spring fever. Who wants to study government when the birds are chirping teasingly from the hot outdoors? Only a couple weeks more until I can join them!

What I wore: white COACH sunnies (Santa), white filigree earrings, WESTON WEAR sparrow blouse (used), CAbi high waisted mustard pencil skirt (used), brown DOLCE&GABBANA bag (used), and brown MIA ankle booties (used).  

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