Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ça va?

How are you, truly?

This morning began a bit on the rough side. I may have awoken on the wrong side of the bed and it took me awhile to finally consume my first cup of coffee and so I was a bit grumpy to start out.

But you know what the glourious thing about feelings and emotions is? They can change. And they did!

It's been a bit difficult for the family this week as there are some health issues going on, not to mention this wildfire continuing to burn. Did you know that it's now bigger than the city of Chicago and almost 200,000 acres? Whew. Anyhow, sometimes times can be tough, but the fantastic thing about being in the dumps is that there's nowhere to go but up! Up I went.

First, I made a fantastic coffee and that instantly brightens any morning. Next, we had about ten firetrucks pull up outside the cafe and then those very firefighters came in for coffee.

Hot coffee. Hot firefighters. Hot dam. (I don't like to cuss, so I'll use the "dam" version in the sense of an actual water barrier "dam").

Talk about drastic change of morning!

So you see, things can get better, and they will. You have the power to change how you're feeling. For me, I had the power to decide how I felt, and I chose happiness (with the help of some dem dashing firefighters).

What I wore: linen J CREW baseball tee, high waisted AMERICAN APARREL locomotive skinny jeans (I will forever associate AA with 5SOS's She Looks So Perfect song), and pink KEDS.

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