Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Those Sunshiney Days.

I just can't stop praising this weather.

I always thought that weather as a topic was a bit.. expected when making small talk, but I really do find pleasure in talking 'bout the weather. Especially this year! Whilst the rest of the United States struggles with awkward cold spells, us Alaskans don't know what to do with ourselves when we saw those temperature gauges go past sixty-five degrees. That's unknown and dusty territory and yet here we are, on a continued warm streak.

Of course there's still the challenge of temperature changes from morning to afternoon. Like today, for instance. Woke up to thirty degrees and it's now seventy. Come on Alaska, make up yo mind here!

The sun has made a huge impact in my mood and I feel unadulterated happiness coursing through my veins every time I wake to clear skies. It's a good time to be in Alaska.

What I wore: LIA SOPHIA pearl earrings, vintage blue crop top with beaded flowers (used), blue HALOGEN curve hugging skirt (used), and blue DOLCE VITA flats (sale). 

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