Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's a Coming.

It's a coming! But it? What could it actually be? Why summer, of course!

Today it was shining so brightly and 'twas so hot outside (and by "hot" I mean like 60 degrees, but that's toasty for Alaskan standards!), that I took a little break from the confines of the indoors and spent it outdoors.

Mostly, I danced around in my dancing shoes and played happy child. I ate my peppers and hummus in such a goofy character as I swayed around to some Bob Dylan and Beatles. Quite random, but hey, random is good.

I did get dressed in an official manner though (if a pink top and skirt is counted as "official") and did my errands with pleasure, cherishing the weather as I walked from the car to the indoors.

I'm telling you straight though, summer is coming and if this spring weather is a a sign, it could be a beautiful last summer here in Alaska.

What I wore: large white COACH sunnies (Santa),  hot pink ESCADA flower top (used), forest green MAEVE skirt (used- and did you know that "mauve" in Greek means "purple flower"? Wicked!), assortment of necklaces (used), and black NINE WEST ankle booties (sale). 

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