Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dinner and Big Buoys.

With finals week coming up (and graduation), time is becoming rare for the family to do anything together. And this is especially so with my sister and her crazy busy life. So, with a free night on the horizon, we thought, why not treat ourselves to Homer? Because seriously, that's the nearest place if you're looking for fine food. So away we went! 

It turned out to be a really splendid evening. We dressed up, had delicious food (of which I didn't take any photos of because I was too hungry to stop and snap), saw a record number of moose (I think we were up near the thirty count), and found this fabulous buoy sculpture down by the water that we simply had to stop at. 

I managed a coffee photo though!

I can not help but sing I like big buoys and I cannot lie..

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