Friday, May 9, 2014

Ahoy Sailor!

Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Guess what? Wanna know something special?

It's spring!

Ah I just cannot believe how stunning it is here in Alaska this springtime. Usually our springtime is dubbed "breakup" season, meaning that all the snow melts and things get real messy, real fast. This spring, however, has turned to be quite fantastic indeed. Endless days of sunshine and happy smiles coming from this girl right here!

Even my cat cannot stop whining from lack of playtime outside. Oh cat. We share the same desires.

Just thought I'd share my happiness with you on this fine springy day!

What I wore: pink AERIE sunnies, chunky sunburst necklace in shades of champagne (used), anchor print GAP top (used), orange sickle skinny jeans by HUDSON (sale), and off-white men's SPERRY TOPSIDERS (used). 

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