Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

Although I love rain and find it soothing to the soul, it should not be happening now. 

 It needs to go, and soon.

After our heavy snowfall last week, the rain came in and literally spoiled everything. It has turned into a nasty ice sheet our there with temps in the upper 30's and roads impossibly slick. It is literally a danger to walk from my house to my car every morning, for it is a sheet of slick and innocent looking ice. Until I fall on my face, of course.

I don't understand how it can rain so much in January. Of course I should've gotten used to the fact that Alaska weather is completely random and at some times, simply outrageous. This is one of those times!

That being said, I am slightly happy that I get to wear more.. weather appropriate clothing. Hunter boots, more skin showing, it's practically summertime weather!

But truly, the rain needs to stop.

What I wore: vintage pearl stud earrings (used), vintage-inspired tweed TABITHA coat with fur collar (used), black ATHLETA leggings (used), brown MIZ MOOZ boots (major sale), and wine vintage riding gloves (used).

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