Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Boots, Glacier Water, and Good Company.

You know how you make ideas and suggest trips or whatever, and they never fall through? That saying where it's easier said than done? Well I figured that it being a new year and all, it's about time to go out and actually DO things. Sure I can talk about going to yoga seven times a week, or plan this trip to Girdwood, but to actually buckle down and do them is a whole other thing.

I say that less talking and more doing needs to happen. Life is too short not to go out and experience new things! 

That being said, I just came home from the loveliest girls trip up to the city with one of my really great friends. We had talked incessantly of going up there by ourselves, indulging in the fine cuisine, paying for our own gas and goodies, and shopping up in the big city. *when I say "big" it's by Alaska standards. Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska but is only home to about three hundred thou* Well, we had finally had enough of all this talk and no do and planned a trip at long last! 

So we drove up yesterday, then had the most exquisite meal at our favorite Girdwood dig, Jack Sprats. The food.. Yeah, go for yourselves and experience the pleasure. And don't forget the desserts! We had bread pudding tonight. 

And then today, we had a banner day consignment shopping in the big city. We began our day with coffee and breakfast and really moved through those racks. And yes, the backseat was definitely full of various bags. 

Some of my treasures that I'd love to share with you would be two new pairs of boots. A rarity for me and my foot size (a whopping size 11), I stumbled upon the classic black HUNTER boots (fun fact- did you know the brand was create in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1856?), and an Alaskan pair of sturdy BOGS. and both were used! 

I love that. 

Last but not least came the glacier water adventure. You see, when driving on Turnagain Arm on the way to Anchorage (a treacherous drive indeed), we always passed this little spigot that came out of the rocks and provided fresh glacial water. This time, we stopped and reveled in the delicacy of this pristine, fresh, clear, all natural Alaskan glacial water. It was incredible. 

So go out and do those things you've always wanted to do! Life is too short to wait and put off adventures that can be lived today. Live each day like it's your last and eat that bread pudding with no shame. 

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