Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good Views, Food, Shopping, and Company.

Is it hard to believe that I am once more in the city? And I was just here last week.. But I ain't complaining!

Today's trip was absolutely lovely, for I was with the company of my mum and we had a jolly time. The weather was quite odd all day for we've been in this mega melting snow rut for the past couple of days. Temperatures in the whopping 40's and melted roads and lots of rain. Quite odd weather for January, if I do say so myself. 

Anyhow, the day was full of you typical shopping, eating, laughing, spending, and enjoying a time out in the town. There's nothing better than fine food, time spent with Mum, and running my hand along racks of fine cashmere and shiny things...

So here, I made my mum stop for some lovely photo opportunities (a trait I inherited from my photographer dad). The lighting had to be Instagramed because it was so dark out when these were taken.. At noon.. Alaska for ya! 

What I wore: a CHANEL black scarf (used), a black LONG TALL SALLY leather jacket (a gift from Santa), a gray NEON BUDDAH dress (used), a black MARX BY MARC JACOBS bag (used), and black HUNTER boots (used). 

Oh how I wish this fit me! It's everything I love.. Vintage, cashmere, made in Scottland, Saks Fifth Avenue, and completely adorable. 

Lunch was at the Organic Oasis today. I had myself a chicken curry pasta. 

Cheers to a successful day!


  1. Hey! I love that leather jacket on you. Think I'll order something similar from LTS. Would you be willing to share the size? My body type is similar to yours :)

  2. Ah yes! I have a size six in that jacket. It's quite a lovely fit too. Hope it works out for you as well!