Monday, January 6, 2014

City Goods and Alaskan Style.

One may think that because we live in a small Alaskan town, we are completely isolated from the outside world. Well, there is some truth in that, and we are about two years behind on most things (fashion, music, movies, slang), but every once in awhile, little things come and surprise me.

For instance, I was working at Curtain Call the other day, and just as we were getting near to closing, this unexpected couple came in and in her hands was the signature Tory Burch patterned box. Immediately, us employees who recognize that pattern were all in an excited state of mind. This gal not only brought in a brand new Tory Burch top, but a brand new purse with matching wallet. TORY BURCH. IN ALASKA. It was the craziest thing! This is simply why I love working at consignment stores. Like Rick on "Pawn Stars" states: "You never know what is gonna walk through those doors."

I think that although Alaska is a bit behind on the rest of the United States, we still can hold our own. And city goods make their way into our doors for our pleasure and enjoyment; it just takes patience.

Speaking of Alaskan style, I was totally going that way for these two outfits. Paired with my new favorite UGG boots (I've literally had them for years and I just discovered how awesome they are), I mixed city style with some good ole Alaskan thrown on in there. Who says you can't mix the two? ;)

What a lovely sight to see come into our store...

What I wore (above): my sister's headband (thanks girl), a J CREW crab necklace (major sale), a LIA SOPHIA leaf necklace, a BETSEY JOHNSON camera necklace (used), a lavender PURE JILL sweater (used), black NIKE leggings (used), multi-color striped dancer leg warmers, and UGG boots (used).

What I wore: gold ANTHROPOLOGIE flower earrings (major sale), a navy and khaki TROUVE silk top (used), MARC BY MARC JACBOBS black slouch bag (used), navy pleated BURBERRY skirt (used), blue tights, and UGG boots (used).

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